Mobile Strike: Action strategy game with end time for Android and iOS


On the screens of your smartphones and tablets, a fierce battle between military leaders from all over the world arises. The newly released action strategy game Mobile Strike can now be downloaded for free from the Google Play and iTunes.

The conflict, which lies at the basis of the game, is fueled by the greed for resources. In Mobile Strike, you are on the road of your nation to increase the territorial wealth of your faction and thus significantly increase their resource reserves. By the way, have you heard about the new Mobile Strike Hack? As a means to the purpose serves you in the free app an army, which consists of 16 different units. But before you roll over your opponents with full force, you must first ensure that your base is expanded from an initially small camp to an impregnable fortress. As in real life, Mobile Strike also means “Caution is better than forbearance”, because the enemy can be much faster in front of your headquarters than you like. Once the camp is sufficiently secured, you can deal with the planning of more offensive measures.

The wide range of units allows you to try different strategies in combat. In addition, you will have the opportunity to search for further upgrades in your scientific facilities, which will have a positive effect on the attributes of your units.

As in many strategy games, you can join forces with other players in Mobile Strike and make a common cause as an alliance.

I’ve you are using an android device, you can download the game here:

Dragon Mania Legends


When it comes to as turn-based combat games Gameloft’s Dragon Mania Legends is one of the best ones. People think that turn-based do not require a lot of thinking, but dragon mania legends hack this perception. This smartphone game requires a lot of planning into creating island on which your dragons will live on.

This game not only require you to battles with another dragon depending on their elements, but also, you need to establish a base of operations first. You need to collect different type of dragons as it is one of the important part of the game.  You do not require a lot of skills for advancing in Dragon Mania Legends but it does require persistence and planning. Below are the few tips and tricks that will help you during this game.

Work First, Design Later

When Dragon Mania Legends starts, you land on a single island in “Dragonlandia”. There need to clear certain things from this island in order to build habitats for your dragons. Dragons live in these habitats. Dragons will produce gold which can be collected to build new habitats, purchase new items and dragons.

First thing, you need to make a plan about how to build your own island, it is the key to success. Place each habitat precisely as we need to pay increasing amount of gold to clear the new unlocked islands. Once you have laid a solid foundation, then spend your in game currency on purchasing the trinkets that Gameloft offers.

Pay Attention to Your Gold

Dragon Mania Legends is completely free game to play. In exchange for that, Gameloft includes extras items that users can purchase with real money in the form of Gems. You can use Gold for that. Dragon Mania Legends Hack is whereas Gems are used to speed building and dragon raising up a bit, Gold is what you spend your time trying to get the most.

In this case, we need to focus on the amount of gold and remember to plan for the long haul. The Gold replenishment rate of your dragon is very important as it depends on the type of your dragon. Keep your food farms running so that you can upgrade your dragon incase to level up your dragon immediately.

Level Faster With Food

You can earn a lots of extra food for successfully completing a battle in Dragon Mania Legends, but these bonuses are not enough. Growing food and storing it (only if you can afford) helps you to increase your level faster than the battles and growing food whenever you believe it is necessary.

Gameloft has released a game updates recently which allows you grow food at multiple farms on a condition that you aren’t growing anything already and you have enough Gold. Here, I will suggest you to create different farms on each island (at least 4). . Then with the multiplant tool, grow the maximum of food at each farm.

Attack When Necessary, But Focus on Defense

We are more focused on attacking the opponent in turn based strategy. Dragon Mania Legends has a lot of attack updates and the offer a lot of variety from which can choose the attacks. But this game also involves a complete and deep concept of defense. During your dragon is training in the Academy, you will unlock some abilities that will boost your defense as well. For example, earth type dragons can learn a move that effectively stop the effects of attacks from other teams useless for a short time. This move flashy and the macho one as some of the game’s other moves, but it’s very effective – particularly when you know you’re weak and can be easily knocked down by your opponent.

Look in Often

Sometimes, getting notification from game on the phone is incredibly annoying. But in case of Dragon Mania Legends, it unlocks new items every new day that you open it. You can even get a dragon which is very expensive and you might not be able to afford otherwise. So do not forget to see the Dragon Mania Legends notifications every day. If you check in daily you do not need to turn on notifications. If aren’t sure you’ll be able to remember, leave the notifications and alerts on.

VIP Tickets Means Smooth Sailing

Finally, in the end, considering relatively new VIP Tickets. Getting VIP Status is like supercharging your game experience. Special Dragons are unlocked at lower VIP Level and reduce the amount of time it takes for two dragons to create a dragon egg. Level up allows you to purchase more powerful dragons from the in-game shop. These dragons produce Gold at a greater rate than the normal dragons can produce in this game.

At VIP Level 6 you get access to a vault that empowers you to collect all gold from every single habitat with one button press. At VIP Level 9 you don’t have to worry about battling your dragons because an instant battle system come to your rescue.

Dragon Mania Legends is really a fun game. once you’ve learned its ins and outs. Good luck for the game.


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Magic Rush Heroes Review

magic rush heroes

When you talk about virtual games, your selection would definitely depend on the taste that you carry. If you are someone who wants to play games that involve the formation of war teams, formation of kingdoms and packed action of war, Magic Rush Heroes is one of the best options for you. The concept of the game is quite simple, but the output is simply amazing. First of all, players have to construct a team that comprises of their favorite super heroes.  The latest version allows you to unlock a lot of hidden heroes and make your team. If you have the correct combination of heroes and you are well aware of the best fighting tactics, you can take your competitors by storm.

Magic Rush Heroes is game that carries compatibility with all the smart phone platforms. Whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone, you can download this game and compete without any compatibility problems. You can develop an attacking strategy that matches your temperament and preferences. For instance, if you want to launch an airborne attack, you can do that. Similarly, you also have the option to interrupt the skills of your enemies and fight accordingly.

The game carries a number of strong points that make it a very preferred gaming option. For instance, the level of graphics that have been used in Magic Rush Heroes is simply amazing. Similarly, you cannot ignore the catchy sound effect that comes with the game. In addition to that, the level of customization that has been offered to the players is simply amazing. Apart from creating your team of super heroes, you can design your own arena and battleground as well.

There are numerous game modes that you can exercise. For instance, you can change your war to a global one and play accordingly. Similarly, if you want to connect to other players playing on other servers, you can do that. Magic Rush Heroes allows you to compete through different servers.

The best part about this game is that it seems very realistic. Even when the game involves superheroes, the attacks, battles, war grounds and all other components do not seem imaginary in any manner. Players also have the option to be a part of the RTS game play. In an overall manner, the game is free to download and play.  Anyways, you will may be required to purchase certain additional features of the game. Once you have installed the game, you would be alarmed about updates as and when they are needed.

Is Magic Rush Heroes an easy game to play and win? The answer to this question is no. Your success depends a lot on how well your battle plan has been made. This is one of the games which you can master gradually. When you are making your battle plan, you can change your fighting strategy every time. This is one of the games that carries a high addiction factor and you would not never get bored playing it. If you are looking for the Magic Rush Heroes Hack download, visit the anchor text.

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Dream League Soccer

dream league soccerr

Dream League Soccer is a football game in which you start at the bottom in a fictional league and up working its way up to the great fame.

At first you have to give your team a name, make the kit and appoint a captain. Then you play in a low Liga against some teams. To advance to the next level, you have to win the games.
It must also be team manager, improve facilities at the stadium, determining tactics, sign contracts and consider the starting lineup.

During the actual game the fun is just beginning to really. There are only three buttons: passing, shooting and make, which is already more than adequate to deal with the control system.

Dream League Soccer is one of the best football games in the app store, also it is totally free. Whoever wants to can also pay to get rid of such advertising, but the advertising is not too distracting.